An Open Letter to Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey*

Dear Madam District Attorney Jackie Lacey,

When news of your $950,000 settlement with Senior D.A. Investigator Regina Crenshaw came out, I was disappointed that you refused to comment on the horrible treatment she received in the Office that you lead. If you are going to use precious tax-payer dollars to…

The Testimony of Spooky Brown, Esq. (Second Series)

For Part 1, click here. For Part 2, click here.

(Part 3 of 4)*

What the Fuck Happened to the Phone?

I quickly opened Gabriel’s case file while I was still in court. I found and examined Gabriel’s rap sheet and saw no history of serious violence. While he did have a criminal history (mostly drug-related), nothing…

Spooky Brown, Esq.

*Former* progressive prosecutor with the L.A. District Attorney’s Office. Still progressive though. Fairness by any means.

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